How to use Paytm mobile wallet || Send or receive money||


After demonetization a major problem of cash is remaining yet. It is very difficult to keep hard cash. Everyone is try to get cash from banks, ATMs and other sources but till evening he can arrange a few thousand. In this situation cashless transaction is very simple and useful idea to make transaction in your daily life. You can recharge your mobile, pay your postpaid bill, electricity bill, DTH, data card, landline bill and also pay to Bhajiwala, milkmen or a shopkeeper and save your time and money too. In this article we will tell you about top 10 features of Paytm. You can also read top 10 wallets for cashless transactions here.

How to use Paytm mobile wallet||Send or Receive Money||

Paytm is a most popular and licensed mobile wallet in India. Currently it has 70 million users and anytime reach about 100 million. Paytm has received license from Reserve Bank of India for starting India's first payment bank. In this article we will tell you top 10 features of Paytm mobile app, how can you send or receive money to anyone and how to recharge your mobile or how to add money in your Paytm mobile wallet.

How to download paytm mobile wallet app

It is very easy to download the Paytm mobile wallet app. You can click here to download free Paytm or you can download it through your play store, just open your play store enter Paytm in search box click on Paytm, download and install. after successful installation open it and click to signup. In 'mobile number' area enter your active mobile number and email id is optional you can enter if you like otherwise skip it enter your password in 'password' area. Please note password is a confidential thing so don't share with anyone. After filling everything click on 'Signup'. Now you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. You have to enter this OTP in 'OTP' field fill your first name, last name, date of birth andcheck your gender and click on 'Confirm' for further process.

How to add money in your wallet

After creation of account login with your mobile number and password. In top panel you will see an option 'Add Money' click on this option and enter you desired amount, what you are want to add. If you have any promocode click on 'have a promocode' or click on add money. You will be asked for make a payment. You have to confirm your payment process. A confirmation message you will received when your money will be added in your wallet.

Send money using QR code, OTP or Mobile number

If you have added money in your wallet and want to make a payment to someone. There are three way to make payment from your wallet. You can scan QR code and enter amount what you have to pay and click to pay. Second method is you have to give your OTP to the merchants and another method is send money to mobile number. To send money to mobile number you have to enter mobile number of receiver and enter desired amount and click to send. You may write a note for your future reference but it is optional.

Send money to bank account

It is a good feature provided by Paytm mobile wallet. You can simply transfer money to your bank account instantly. To send money to your bank account you have to enter account holder's name, bank account number, IFSC code and amount you want to transfer and click on 'send' button. You can make a note if you want it is optional.