Simple way to earn money from home


Hello Reader!

This is my first post regarding earning from home. Here I will tell you how can you earn money from your home, office or another place. It is not a difficult method, if you have a little knowledge about internet you will do it easily.y

    Before going to main subject I want to tell you that I have started blogging since 2012. My first blog is ¤ दिए का दिल जले लोग दिवाली समझे ¤ and later 2nd blog My Ghazal but I have published my poetry on both blogs. Since 2012 I am posting continuous on this blog and people also like my poetry. In last few days I have read some blog related to earn money online, I have decided to create a blog and publish such post to help someone, who need money for their willingness. Now I come to main subject.

    To earn money from your home is very simple and easy, here I will tell you some tips can you earn, how much earn and how you get paid for your work. Don't worry here I give you full support and guidance. Here I write step by step the source of online earnings.

   Solve Captcha
   Captcha solving is one easiest and best way to earn money from your home. There is no good skills is required to solve captcha. If you have a little knowleedge of English you can easily solve the captcha. Now before telling you anything more I need to tell you what is Captcha.
"Captcha is a program that protect website against Bots by generating and grading tests that human can pass but current computer program cannot. The term CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computer and Humans Apart) was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicolas Hopper and john Langford of Carnegie Mellon University."
In detailed post on "Solve Captcha" will be published later.

  Online Survey
   Online Survey is the second most important method of making money online. You have to create an account on the websites which are providing the service of online survey and start to earn. You can do this work in your spare time. Most of students and housewives do this work and make money for their essential work.
  For a few minutes of form filling, you can get paid as cash or rewards. You can earn about $150 per month.

 Click Ads and get paid  
 To click ads for getting paid is the one of easy way to earn money online in your sp are time. I think you also spent 2 - 3 hour per day on internet, then why you not earn by clicking ads on paid to click website. There are many websites which are paying to click the ads given on their websites. 

Paid for watching videos

 Like the clicking ads you also get paid for watching videos on many channels like you tubes, motion picture etc. There are many channels which pay to watch videos. You can earn about Rs. 0.5 for 20 sec watching. 

Data Entry job
If you have basic English and Computer knowledge, Data entry job is not difficult for you because you have to type simple English words.

For date entry job you have good typing speed like 30 WPM. You will be provided some documents like images, books or other stuffs which you have need to type in MS words or software provided by the company. It depends on the company how they want.

Ads posting job

Ads posting is the another good way to make money online. You have to register yourself on the websites which are providing ads posting services and start to earn from there.

Here the ads matters is provided by the company and you have to copy paste the ads matter without any changes in the contents given by the company. You are get paid for this copy paste job. As I read on some articles that one can earn about $300 per month by ads posting job. 

Form filling

Form filling is the best copy paste job where you can work both type online and offline too. Form filling job are based on internet and after completing the form filing you have to submit data online. Offline form filling job is not too popular.

Hope you have well familiar with some popular online jobs can do from your home. If you are a student, Housewife, Handy crap or retired person. You can earn money from these methods.

Note: I written this methods as I have read on many websites. I have not done any job practically. still I have not suggested any websites to you because there are some websites which are creating difficulties to pay the money against your works. So please be aware from such websites and do job only on trusted websites.