How can increase your jio 4G speed

Hi Guys!

Hope you all have purchased Jio 4G sim. It is one of the Amazing thing for all of you from Jio 4G team. We have say to thanks them. Let us enjoy with Jio 4G.

We also have taken a Jio 4G sim and using since September 2016 but we have found that speed of this 4G network not like a 4G. We are also using Idea 3G network for our internet and compare both network, we have found that Jio 4G speed is very slow against Idea 3G. But Guys! don't worry here we are going to tell you some important tips which will help you to increase the speed of you Jio 4G sim. 

We have visited some popular websites and blog and read some tips to increase the speed of Jio 4G sim. We decide that you should also aware with these tips. So, we are going to disclose here these all tips.

How to increase your Jio 4G internet speed

First attempt to increase the speed of your Jio 4G speed in doing little changes in your phone. Here we are writing the steps how your make changes in your phone...

Change setting in your phone 

Now change your setting as steps given below....
  1. Name - JioNet
  2. APN - jionet (all letters should be small)
  3. APN Type - Default
  4. Proxy - Not set
  5. Port  - Note set
  6. User Name - Not set
  7. Password - Not set
  8. Server -
  9. MMSC - Not set
  10. MMS Proxy - Not set
  11. MMS Port -Not set
  12. MCC - 405
  13. MNC - 857 or 863 or 874i
  14. Authentication Type - Not set
  15. APN Protocol - IPv4/IPv6
 When you complete this changes in your phone once reboot your phone and connect to data again. Your internet speed will be increased. Let enjoy the high speed than before.

Find maximum available Jio speed in your area

If still your Jio speed is not increyse you also follow this process to increase your Jio speed up to 40 Mbps. First you need to check maximum available Jio speed because some area it is recorded  high and somewhere is under 5 Mbps. When checked the maximum available Jio 4G speed you have to follow steps given below..
  1. Install Internet speed meter lite app from Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure your mobile network is connected to Bond 40
  3. Install Jio TV application in your phone > Launch "RIL AGM" channel > Set Quality to High
  4. Keep on checking the speed meter and note down maximum speed
This will give you a increased internet speed to play online videos one You Tube.